NGC7635 – The Bubble Nebula

I went to Anza on the 11th of August for the Perseids and decided to spend the night imaging the Bubble Nebula (NGC7635). This was a fantastic night, I saw more meteors than I can remember seeing in a single night. Conditions were pretty decent too.

The week before that spent quite a bit of time setting up PEC using PEMpro. I know tracking was going to be better I just wasn’t sure what the effect would actually be on guiding. Well, it turned out great, the RMS error measured by PHD was effectively 50% smaller than usual (with the same equipment).

I intended to spend 7 hours on it, but as it turned out I only gathered 5 hours of data as my Canon 500D died at about 3AM. This about the time I decided the flip the mount and I didn’t notice some condensation had formed on the cold plate through the insulation at the back of the Peltier. A couple of water droplets must have made their way into the camera body which made the latter unusable from that time. I immediately flipped the mount back and parked it that way hoping it would dry by morning so I could take calibration frames.

I waited till one hour after sunrise to power it up and was able to take calibration frames manually. BYE would still not recognize the camera.

Basically this image was the last light of my 500D, fortunately enough I was able to get all calibration frame to process the 5 hours of data.

I am not too sure yet when I will be able to image again. I had been thinking of getting a CCD anyway and I believe this is what I will end up doing.

Anyway here’s the picture:

And here’s a crop:

  • Date: August 11th 2012
  • Camera: Canon 500D Baader Modified and CP30T-EOS Cooled (Sensor maintained at 10 C – Exif temperature: 10 C)
  • ISO: 1600
  • Exposures: ~ 5 hours of integration time (300 s and 600 s subs)
  • Mount: Losmandy G11 Gemini 2
  • Imaging Telescope: AT8RC w/ AP-CCDT67 @ .68x
  • Guiding: OAG9 w/ SX Lodestar
  • Calibration: Darks, Flats, Bias
  • Stacking: PixInsight 1.7
  • Final blending/processing: PixInsight 1.7 and Adobe Photoshop CS5
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