Z-PH – Scope Mounted Power Hub

I mentioned my Power Hub several times but never posted any detail or picture…


It’s a fairly simple device that is going to allow me to run only a single power cable through the mount to feed all of my equipment and accessories which all run off 12 V DC:

  • Imaging Camera
  • Focuser
  • AO
  • USB 3.0 Hub
  • Telescope mirror temperature controller/fans


I am using a AC/DC power supply that can provide a maximum of 15 A @ 12 V DC. I installed this power supply inside the large RA housing, behind the gear. The 12 V DC cable is made of a pair of 14 AWG copper conductors running through the mount, to the Power Hub for which I made brackets to attach it to the CDK. To supply power to these 5 devices I am using simple 5.5mm/2.1mm jacks. Inside, I connected all these jacks with simple 14 AWG bare solid copper wires.


I designed a simple 2-piece sheet metal enclosure. I based the overall dimension on the original hub that I planned on using (a Startech USB 2.0 model). A couple months ago I decided to upgrade to a USB 3.0 model in case down the road I end up getting equipment that runs off USB 3.0. I don’t need it now but maybe I will later. This new hub is also from Startech and slightly larger than the original, but roughly the same shape and size… It’ll work!


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