EQ-Z – Moved to Z-One Observatory

Finally! With both the interior and exterior of the observatory finished (minus a couple details here and there…) I was finally able to plan the move of the RA housing (largest sub-assembly of the entire EQ-Z mounting) into the observatory.


This happened on two days with the help of my friend Scott. We first started by taking the RA block off the mount’s base. Its 80 lbs and awkward shape made that a 2-man’s job. Once this was done, Scott took care of installing the radio equipment to connect Z-One to the rest of my network. Then I cut the four pier J-bolts to length, installed the base plate and base.


I also had to install the rear panel on the RA housing before it was re-installed on its base. I used the opportunity to start working on the wiring which once done will officially complete all of the RA housing. Because power, USB and DEC control cables are all going through the hollow RA shaft, all of the wiring needs to be 100% done before I can start assembling any part of the DEC housing.


On the next day Scott came back to help me move the RA housing back into its base. Everything went pretty well!


I finished the week-end by doing more cabling, including some cable management. I am pretty happy with it so far, the inside looks pretty clean – and I want to keep it that way!


I still need to route the DEC control cable and to get a slightly longer DB9 cable for the Renishaw encoder line receiver. After that, I will finalize the bearings pre-loading and start putting the DEC housing together!


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