EQ-Z – DEC Housing and Shaft Assembly (Part 2)

I picked up the screws I was missing last week-end to install the encoder read head, counterweight bar, the rear RA shaft cover. I had to have the cables well routed in both shaft before I could any adjustment to the encoder ring. This is always a time consuming step and I really want to minimize any axial error between encoder and shaft.


I didn’t have to battle much and was able to achieve an error of less than 0.003 mm which is pretty good. I installed the read head and the rear cover.


This week-end I received the help of my friend Dan, it had been while since he last came here (I had just started digging for the pier and footings!). We took care of the install of the counterweight bar, DEC gear, clutch and top plate. And everything went pretty smoothly!


Installing the declination gear was easy, pushing the PTFE strip in between it and the shaft… not so much! Heating the gear a little bit did the trick! Everything else was quick and easy. The clutch friction plates (out of Delrin) went in perfectly and so did the other two aluminum plates.


The install of the shaft top plate which “seals” the gear/clutch from dust finished the assembly of the declination axis.


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