EQ-Z – Final Assembly

Well, the EQ-Z mount is finally complete. At this time, the mirrors have been glued with RTV to their support cells. I think next week-end will be first light. Hopefully I can test and configure the mount before then.


Since my last entry, I’ve done a few small but important things.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with the bearing of the DEC gear. The bearing itself is a PTFE sleeve which happened to be slightly oversized (1.05 mm instead of 1.00 mm). While Dan and I were able to get it to fit, it was just too tight. So I took it out, and ground its thickness down to 1.00 mm. PTFE is very, very smooth which makes it a pretty long job. It took well over one hour to remove 0.05 mm. But it was worth it!


When I reassembled the gear and clutch I replaced the screws and springs used to adjust the clutch by just thumb screws. I am glad I did as it’s now much better access and easier to do! (tool less).


I also had to finish some of the wiring for the internal PSU, hub, controller.

Perhaps the most important thing I did since last post was the installation of both motor/worm assemblies. As expected, the installation of the RA motor/worm was tight! The RA housing fairly big but still with everything in there, it made it a pretty tight fit. Worm/gear adjustment was straight forward for both RA and DEC.


The EQ-Z assembly was completed by installing the saddle!


I will probably write another post when I start testing the mount – with probably a quick “review” of the Sitech Servo II controller.

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