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About Zytra Technologies: This blog started as CooledPix.com,as a small web resource about DSLR Cooling. Not the first one about this topic but certainly not the last one either. It featured several different new designs to cool DSLR’s. As I then moved to CCD imaging, the blog continued to present and host most of my Astro Imaging work but started to talk less about DSLR’s.

As I started designing and building a complete robotic telescopic based on a 17″ Corrected Dall-Kirkham astrograph, I decided to rename the blog to Zytra Technologies. The instrument still in construction will be hosted in my observatory located in Frazier Mountain, California – just north of Mount Pinos.

About me: My name is Stephen. Although I have been fascinated by Space since I was little and it’s only well after I started working that I was able to consider investing in some equipment. Before I took the plunge and buy my first pieces of gear, I literally spent a couple of years reading forums and blogs about equipment and techniques while occasionally observing with a pair of binocular and taking pictures with a wide field lens on a fixed tripod.

I’ve been working as a Mechanical and Thermal Engineer for the PC cooling industry for the past 9 years. Combining all of this naturally brought me to designing and building DSLR cooling systems. Although DSLR coolers had been around for some time, I brought to the community a few and improvements and alternatives to classic “DSLR box coolers”.

As I evolved through this hobby, I realized that being able to combine my passion for Astronomy and Mechanical Design was extremely motivating. My first big project, a 17″ CDK structure and its equatorial mounting was started in July 2012. I have many more projects, some of which will probably involve some of my close friends Dan, David and Scott.

Email: stephen [at] zytratech [dot] com

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4 Responses to About Zytra Technologies

  1. Salut Stephen

    Je suis ton super projet , et j’en un aussi , mais j’aimerai avoir ton email car j’ai une demande !!

    a ++

  2. Kane says:

    Hi Stephen

    You have done a wonderful job on both your Equatorial Mount and your 17 inch Dall Kirkham.
    I was wondering if you have completed the project and if so have you taken any Astrophotos yet. I am interested in building a similar Telescope. I have had a look at the Hubble Optics and was a little concerned about the substrates they use. Plate glass and pyrex can have thermal expansion issues but the prices are good. Zero expansion substrates cost much more and I am not sure I can justify the huge cost. I am interested in either a 12.5 inch RC or CDK design. The reason for choosing the 12.5 inch model is because I can get F8 or F9 which has an image scale suitable for galaxies and planetary nebulae which I wanted. If you have any images taken through the new scope I would love to see them. Well done on your project !


    • zytrahus says:

      Thank you Kane!
      I am not finished yet but I am very close. The CDK is disassembled and ready for the installation of the optics. My parents were visiting us and used my dad’s help to finish the interior of the observatory among other things
      I will also mention that I have a couple persons interested in me building them a 12.5″ CDK which I will start working as soon as I am done with the 17″.
      If you’re interested in HO’s optics be sure to read my detailed report when it’s done!

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