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Cold Finger with PWM Temperature Regulation


CP30T-EOS – Design Steps

I have been asked several times to detail the Mechanical and Thermal Design of the CP30T-EOS DSLR cooler. Note that although it was designed for a Canon 500D, most of these design notes may be used and adapted to any … Continue reading

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CP30T-EOS – First Light

Last week-end I was able to go to Anza for the second time. My very first time there, although I couldn’t put anything in the frame of my Canon 500D, went well as I was able to polar align, create … Continue reading

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CP30T-EOS – Introduction

The CP30T-EOS is another type of DSLR cooler: a “Direct CMOS cooler” Instead of using a “box” which usually chills the air to decrease the sensor temperature, a “Direct CMOS cooler” applies a cold component directly┬áto the CMOS (by mechanical/thermal … Continue reading

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DSLR Cooling Systems Comparison

After building my original cooler (CP80-EOS) I developed a pretty simple testing procedure which basically consisted of shooting 300 s ISO 1600 Dark Frames for about 3 and a half hours. Sensor temperature was recorded for each frame using the … Continue reading

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