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Moravian Instruments G3-11000 with built-in filter wheel.


New wide field setup

Last year my DSLR died. I could have bought another one and have it modified but I was already well into my 17″ CDK project and thought I should just get the CCD camera I had already chosen for the … Continue reading

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Refocusing Script for MaximDL

I wrote a simple script to start a focusing routine. The idea is to run this script regularly in an AutoSave sequence. A typical imaging sequence would be compose of 10 minutes of Luminance (slot 0) and 5 minutes of … Continue reading

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G3-11000 – Unboxing

My cooled and modified Canon 500D died during my last imaging sessions in which I was imaging NGC7635, the Bubble Nebula. I still am confused about what exactly happened but it looks like it involved the ERR20, a mechanical problem … Continue reading

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