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Home made, truss design 17″ Corrected Dall-Kirkham Telescope


CDK17 – Final Assembly

Those who follow the thread on CloudyNights have probably seen most of the pictures in this post already but here’s the final write up on the design and construction of my 17″ CDK. I received the optics about 9 months … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Optics shipped!

My Optics are ready and are shipping! I should have them within 4 weeks. I received the final optical specs (namely spacing between the different elements) which will allow me to finalize the structure. I found that the front of … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Ready for the optics

I finalized the assembly of the 17″ tonight. This pretty much concludes all the work I will be able to do on the CDK before the optics get here. This may take several months before they actually arrive, so I … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Lower Cage

Here’s a quick update of the Lower Cage assembly of my 17″ CDK. It’s basically just the rear and mid assembled together. The only new part is the lower cage shroud. It’s made of a single layer of carbon/kevlar fiber … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Front Cell

The front cell is the large ring plate that supports the secondary mirror. It attaches to the rest of the telescope using a carbon fiber truss. The secondary mirror itself will be installed in a cell and baffle combination. This … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Primary Mirror Cell

When evaluating the different ways to hold the primary mirror in place I found many different solutions. Some easier to implement than others and some more reliable than others. I finally opted by a combination of gluing while still allowing … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Mid Cell

The Mid Cell in my design is a large square plate that supports the load from the secondary assembly. It seas the greatest mechanical stress in the whole design. For this reason, I made sure it would be stiff enough … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Rear Cell

Like the three cells in my design, the Rear Cell or Backplate is a fairly big part. It is designed to support the weight of the primary mirror and its mirror cell. It also acts as User Interface. For instance, … Continue reading

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CDK17 – Introduction

Well before I even started acquiring Astronomy equipment I was already dreaming of one day designing and building my own robotic telescope. Few weeks back I had the opportunity to begin this project so I just started working on this. Astro … Continue reading

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