Zytra Tech. Services

Zytra Technologies offers Design Services as well as Fabrication (CNC) of Custom Parts.JP-MC1

  • Design Services: If you have a simple part, adapter, mirror cell, more complex sets of parts  or even complete robotic telescopes that you would like to design but you don’t have the means to model or draw, I can do it for you. Just email me with your idea, concept or project.
  • Fabrication: If you’ve already designed a part but you don’t have the means to fabricate it, just email your sketches, schematics or 3D model and I’ll get back to you with a quote. Most astronomy related parts for amateur are made of standard anodized aluminum but I can also make Delrin, Nylon, Brass and Steel parts.

Z-OAGZytra Tech. Products: A number of the projects that are shown on this website are also available for re-production. Some of these are listed below:

  • Z-Pier – 2′ tall Aluminum pier w/ Caddy and w/ your custom mounting threads for your mount – ($850)
  • New body and plates (w/ your custom mounting threads) for Starlight Xpress AO LF (Custom Order, Contact me for pricing)
  • Z-OAG, custom Off Axis Guider with your custom mounting threads (Custom Order, Contact me for Pricing)
  • Custom T-ring for Canon DSLR cameras ($49)
  • Z-PH Power Distribution Hub ($150)

Contact: stephen [at] zytratech.com


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