EQ-Z – RA Bearing Blocks

I’ve started working on the Right Ascension housing which once assembled will be the single most massive part of the whole mounting. Two of the main parts of the RA housing are the Bearing Blocks. Each of these blocks host a large tapered roller bearing.

Front and Rear bearings are not exactly the same size (front bearing has a slightly bigger OD). I am using a SKF bearing to the front and a Timken to the rear. Both are made of two parts: the outer ring and the inner ring plus roller ring assembly.

Each bearing block was machined with tolerance of -0 ; +0.02 mm to guarantee a perfect fit between the block and the bearing outer ring. I still to use lubricating grease to ease the installation but no tool or force was required to slide them in.

It’s only when the RA shaft will be installed that the bearings will be locked in place. I will need to make and assemble parts for the housing and the shaft to complete that step.

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